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As Color Experts we understand that color choices can be confusing to a new client or to an existent client who has a maintenance schedule that requires alternating Color Services. Wish you could speak the Hair Language fluently? Familiarize yourself with our color service menu below.


We will need extra time for a thorough consultation and proper time to create your new stunning look! A deposit of $100 will be required in order to book your appointment.


Due to the complexity of each individual process and technique for drastic color transformations and lived-in colors, the following price of $100+/per hour will be incorporated. Please keep in mind that the duration for these appointments can vary anywhere from 4 to 6+ hours. If you have questions regarding color correction services (that may include Foil Highlights, Babylights, Balayage, Ombré, etc.) consult with a stylist. We offer complimentary color consultations for our guests!


This is our most requested color service. Hair looks nature-enhanced, glossy, and expensive. It can be subtle or strong, whatever you like, it’s all about the freehand application technique. BALAYAGE HIGHLIGHTS works on light or dark hair and can be warm, neutral, or cool-toned. Service levels include Premier-Full head, Signature-Half head, and Face Frame.

BALAYAGE is used to create different highlight and hair color effects such as Ombré. Common Add-On Services are Glaze, Shadow Roots, Base Break, Lowlights, and Olaplex. Clients love this current look because it is so soft and natural looking and the grow out is so easy to maintain.


FOIL HIGHLIGHTING is the process of using foil to separate strands of hair that have been woven out and will be lightened from strands of hair that will remain darker. Highlights can be subtle or bold. The highlights tend to be a consistent pattern of lightness from root to ends. Some clients prefer this to Balayage which is more subtle at the roots and bolder at the ends.

Our Foil Service Choices are Full, Partial, or Face Frame. Common Add-On Services with Foil Highlights are Glaze, Shadow Roots, Lowlights, and/or an Olaplex treatment.


BABYLIGHTS are very delicate, white-blonde highlights created using a very fine color technique to mimic that blonde hue achieved if your hair is naturally lightened in the sun. We offer Full and Partial Babylights color services.


CORRECTIVE COLOR is a combination of multiple color services, most often combining Highlight Services with Single Process Color and other Add On Color Services like Lowlights, etc. Corrective Color Services can be very time consuming with the client needing to process two to three times, for this reason, CORRECTIVE COLOR SERVICES are ONLY BOOKED starting with our complimentary consultation. Click “Book Now‘ below and select ‘Consultation‘ from the service menu.


SINGLE PROCESS COLOR – is a new color applied all over the head to create a new base color. The hair is lifted and deposited in one easy step and it takes a lot less time than a double process. If your goal is to achieve grey coverage or a significant tonal change, then an all-over Single Process Color is for you. Our preference is to incorporate some foil work with our Single Process colors for more dimension. You may like a service that combines Foil Highlights with a Single Process Color.

DOUBLE PROCESS COLOR – With a true Double Process Color the hair is pre-lightened and then colored again with a second color called a glaze/ or gloss.


SINGLE PROCESS – Adding root color in between foils is a great way to blend out and cover gray hair or lighten and soften a natural color that is too dark.

SHADOW ROOTS is an add-on service to highlights and balayage. This is a very popular trend where the hair is lightened and then the roots are darkened slightly. We love seeing more depth and this is a great way for the regrowth not to show as quickly.

GLAZE / GLOSS – Previously lightened hair is re-toned to eliminate yellow or brassy tones. When combined with Single Process Services it is done to either refresh faded ends or for a tonal change. With Highlights, it is used to achieve a different tone, which could be cooler or warmer.

LOWLIGHTS –  add dimension with strands of darker color. It is also a nice way to make a Highlight really POP. if there is no darkness then the lightness does not look very light. We use Low Lights for a lot of Corrective Colors and love the added dimension Low Lights give.

Please note that HAIR COLOR services DO NOT include a blow out.


We are happy to help you choose the right Color Service. If you have questions, email us at


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