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Super flexible, texturized bristles move gently through all fragile hair types. Formulated with carbon and tourmaline for resistance up to 450F. Tourmaline helps close the cuticle, creating super shine and humidity resistance. Sizes: 43 mm / 53 mm barrel.

ERGO Super Gentle Round Hair Brush

  • Featuring "Super Gentle" heat resistant nylon bristles that deliver both care and shine to all hair types, especially designed for hair extensions, fine or color-treated hair and sensitive scalps.

    Bristles are infused with Tourmaline Crystal Complex™, a unique natural crystal material, which when combined with heat emits negative ions and dramatically  reduces static electricity. Ceramic coated barrel retains heat for maximum hair polishing effect. 

    The ERGO round brushes feature exclusive non-slip silicone handles, allowing easier rotation without hand fatigue. 

    See the difference: Negative ions penetrate and condition the hair, resulting in sleeker, shinier results. Outer cuticle layers become smoother, more resistant to humidity.

    RGO Styling Tools is a true, salon exclusive brand, dedicated to manufacturing ergonomically designed- premium quality hair care tools that deliver superior performance. 

    Due to health & safety standards we cannotaccept returns on brushes.

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